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May 23, 2010
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Violet Sorcerer-FEZ Contest by darksen Violet Sorcerer-FEZ Contest by darksen
EDIT: and there seem to be some problem with the small preview, you have to open full view to see the image clearly.

or azure sorcerer...
i like glowing crystals and sexy sorcerers.
If you like it, please fav, comment, and watch me!

Need assistance in getting smoother and cleaner lines, if you have good advice please comment or note me ;)

EDIT2: oh and i use tablet, i do not scan.

Scarlet Knight: [link]
Roaming Scout: [link]
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julianosilveira Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing work, great use of lights and shadows, especially the purple rock closer to the hat, the light that it emites on the hat and on the face. I would do the lines with a lower opacity, but that's just my personal style.
mendoukusei Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2010
If you want smoother and cleaner lines: git gud.

Knockwurst Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2010
it's so good people are stealing it, [link] you should be proud : )
synthetic---delirium Featured By Owner May 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there. :)

First of all great job, it's nice to see the use of a daring perspective, that will really help to set you apart from others. I think you have captured the feel of a FEZ sorceress quite well - you have an obvious talent for this style of anime.

In regards to getting smoother and cleaner lines I have some suggestions; it's all about finding what programs work well to suit your needs. I personally, am a Adobe Photoshop girl. But many other people work better with programs like Paint-toolSAI and Illustrator, which allow for 'auto-correction' of lines. Though I find this annoying, because I want my tablet to draw exactly like it would if it were a pencil on paper. I highly recommend playing around with different settings in some of these programs to find which, or which combination of programs suits you best, as most digital artists use more than one.

Furthermore, smoother lines tend to come naturally the longer you use a tablet, if you are relatively new to using a tablet, it can be a bitch. :) The cause of the shaky lines could be the slippery surface of the tablet, which often takes people off guard at first - it's like trying to draw on wet silk. To people who are new to using a tablet I would normally recommend getting something called a 'felt' nib for your graphics pen. They are pretty cheap and definitely a worthwhile investment. Basically what they are is a normal nib with a felted tip; the only thing that changes is the amount of grip you have on the surface of the tablet - it feels nearly exactly the same as drawing on paper. I still use these nibs quite often and I have been working with tablets for a long time!

The problem could also be how sensitive to pressure you tablet is, a highly sensitive tablet will pick up on every little shake your hand makes. I remember mine doing this the first time i drew with it, I didn't know what the hell was happening :). It is important to set your tablet to sensitivity levels that are appropriate to you, for most tablets, this can be done in the menu. I've always used Wacoms and they are very easy to change. So try toning down the settings on your tablet.

When I'm teaching people how to use a tablet, one thing that always stands out as a problem is how afraid people are of breaking their tablet by drawing on it. Yes, it is fragile but it is designed to be drawn on with that pen, I'm sure the developers designed it so it could withstand people pressing hard on it. Be confident with how you use it and it will reflect in you line-work; I can see here that there are some obvious parts where you breakaway then resume lining, and it leaves uneven chunks (for example, halfway up the staff). Try doing a long, controlled line without pausing. It makes a difference.

Size and zooming is also crucial to getting a smooth finish. Always, always, always work on a bbbiiiiiiigggg. The beauty of digital art is that it isn't restricted to a specific size. Go crazy, I normally start out on a 20000pxl x 20000pxl canvas, but that's just me. You do whatever you are comfortable with. Now, to get smooth lines on a big canvas, what I do is have a 'sketch' layer, and then on top of that a 'clean' layer. I draw what I want on the sketch layer while zoomed out, so I can see the whole canvas and proportions etc. When I'm done sketching, I set the opacity of the 'sketch' layer to about 50. Then I take the clean layer, zoom right till the point that a single toe would fill my screen, and slowly and carefully paint over what I've done on my 'clean' layer, adding detail and fixing bits. When I'm done (it can take hours) I delete the 'sketch' layer from underneath, and what I'm left with is the beautiful, smooth lines from my 'clean' layer. ;) Remember the closer you zoom, the cleaner the lines will look.
The same rules apply with the coloring, zoom in a carefully blend the colors together and much smoother and well-finished. Rather than painting it all zoomed out.

Heh, I've gone and rambled. I hope you found that somewhat helpful. Nevertheless good luck with the contest, this piece is definitely a favorite of mine - with all that purple. I love purple. :D

x a m y x
darksen Featured By Owner May 29, 2010
wow, this is totally unexpected. I would love to have more people like you who are so helpful and thoughtful on replies.
Thanks for the wishes and i have been trying to use sai lately and i really do like the auto smooth option. Then i change it to photoshop to color it in. I"m starting to get used to the tablet and i see the tip is already thinning due to long uses of the pen. I see what you mean with the staff, i'll try to use more steady hand when drawing.

as for canvas size, do you not lag? I thought i have a very decent gaming computer (since i built it for gaming, specs are actually quite high.) but working with anything more than 3000x3000px and 300dpi will cause everything to lag. Do you have any problems with that or is there some settings i don't know about?

Again, i really appreciate you taking the time to write these for me. Hope I can learn more from you in the future!
synthetic---delirium Featured By Owner May 30, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankyou, it's no trouble at all. :) I think sharing advice is important. Ugh, when I was learning to do all this I had to teach myself :sniff: - I don't want others to go through that kind of frustration.

I actually teach students in art and such, so feel free to note me at anytime if you have a question about something. :) Also, When I finally stop being lazy and actually upload things into my gallery, like the all tutorials I've written for people, you can have a visual reference of the techniques I've been preaching.

As for lagging, I only tend to get that when I use ridiculously big canvas sizes, even for me. But, I may not have issues because my computer was custom built by a friend of mine who's very handy with technology too - god only knows what he put in there but it runs everything like a charm. I honestly don't know that much about the technical side of computers so I can't say that it's because of better specs or anything. But I do know a large number of digital artists who follow similar procedures to me, and all use large canvas sizes and they don't seem to have any lagging problems. Hm. I'll look into it more for you :).

Maybe for now, don't go larger than what your computer can handle - the large size really only makes things easier for YOU, the actual people viewing the art can't tell the difference. The same amount of smoothness and detail can be achieved on a smaller canvas, you will just have to be a bit more patient. ;)

Also with you pen tip, I didn't even think of that earlier :) - when they wear down they lose grip and become impossible to work with and just slide all over the tablet. But if like most people you draw on a slant and should only be wearing thin one side of the nib. If so, you can just unscrew the pen and flip the nib around to the unused side - and save yourself buying tonnes of new nibs.

It's good that you're using Sai for lines and photoshop for coloring, most people do that and it gets great results. Especially when you're drawing manga/anime. I personally find that Sai is excellent for lines but crap for everything else. But to be fair that's only because I've been using Photoshop for alot of years and I'm used to its interface.

But still, this sorceress piece you did is excellent, it's one of the most popular artworks in the FEZ gallery. I was nowhere near this good when I started out with a tablet. That just shows how quickly you pick up on stuff, you'll have smooth lines in no time. :)

x a m y x
zygotezzz Featured By Owner May 29, 2010
Nice work..

Reiirin Featured By Owner May 27, 2010
The coloring on this is really great. Nice job. c:
leinef Featured By Owner May 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the perspective and the idea of her being a witch :3 I also love the feeling of your colors! You did a great job drawing this! Good luck with the contest :D
darksen Featured By Owner May 27, 2010
thank you <3
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